The Issues


Helping Our Economy

Lowering Taxes

Lower corporate or business taxes, so they can invest and expand, while hiring and increase wages.

Reduce regulations that limit and hinder small business development.

Smaller government through attrition, to reduce the tax burden on the county.

Reduce the tax burden

Support school resource officers

Keeping Schools Within Capacity

Safe and Balanced Schools

The School Resource Officer program is much more than then just just keeping students and staff safe. These law enforcement professionals build and repair relationships and help provide direction and guidance for our children. We must maintain and strengthen the school resource program. In addition, we must find innovative ways to balance school capacity, while still supporting community growth.
Keeping You Safe

Maintaining Law and Order in Harford County

Maintaining a safe community should be a top priority. When our community and businesses feel safe and protected, everything else will grow stronger. We must continue to ensure that first responders have the tools and resources necessary to be successful and up to date with the current trends and technology.

protecting harford county

hold our representatives accountable

Absolute Power, Corrupts Absolutely

Term Limits

By placing term limits on legislators, we will limit the number of unnecessary laws and regulations placed on Marylanders, clean up government corruption, and hold our elected representatives accountable to the people.

Harford County Has a Voice!

Protecting our 1st amendment rights

Censorship should not be tolerated, no matter your political affiliation. Too many platforms and outlets limit or reduce opposing voices from being heard.

your voice is heard

Support the 2nd amendment

Our Right to Defend

Supporting Our 2nd Amendment Rights

Rights of law abiding gun owners are under attack in Maryland. We should not allow the government to limit the ability for us to protect our lives and family.

Protecting Our Borders

Strong on Illegal Immigration

Supporting programs such as 287 G, which allows for partnering with federal government to detaining and deport illegal aliens found in the county. Illegal immigration contributes to population growth, overwhelming our community by crowding classrooms, consuming limited affordable housing, and increasing the strain on natural resources

the effects of Illegal immigration

protecting your county lands

Protecting Land and Infrastructure

Balanced Approach to Development

Responsible agriculture preservation while ensuring smart development and infrastructure

More on the Issues

Let’s Keep Our Schools Safe!

Let’s Keep Our Schools Safe!

School Resource Officers/SROs (Harford County Sheriff's  Office Deputies) provide safety, security and mentoring for our children. Having a uniform presence in schools transform that school from a soft target, to a facility that is actively being defended. This...

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Immigration Enforcement

Immigration Enforcement

There are existing immigration laws for the vetting, processing, and deportation of illegal immigrants in the United States. These laws need to be properly and strictly enforced. Certainly, we want to help everyone who wants to be a United States citizen, but only...

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Safety in Our Schools

Safety in Our Schools

The World has Changed. As a father of four, I understand how important it is for our children to feel safe and secure in school. I also understand how important this is for parents as they wave good-bye to their children each morning. This includes ensuring we address...

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