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Harford County Council

The Harford County Council is a body of elected officials who represent the people of Harford County. It is composed of seven members, who are elected to four-year terms. The council is responsible for making decisions on a wide range of issues, including zoning, budget & fiscal oversight, executive appointments, and much more.

Currently, there are no term limits for Harford County Council members. This means that a council member can be elected to serve as many terms as they want. “I believe being a Council-member should be a Calling not a Career.”

2 Term Limit Proposal

Benefits of a 2 Term Limit

There are several potential benefits to a 2-term limit for Harford County Council members.

  • Increased representation: Term limits would help to ensure that the council is representative of the people. This is because it would allow more people to have the opportunity to serve on the council.
  • Prevention of corruption: Term limits could help to prevent corruption on the council. This is because it would make it more difficult for council members to build up too much power or influence.
  • Enhancement of democracy: Term limits could enhance democracy by making the council more responsive to the people. This is because it would force council members to stay in touch with the needs of the people in order to be re-elected.

This proposal would establish a two-term limit for county council members. This means that a council member could serve a maximum of two consecutive terms. After serving two terms, a council member would be ineligible to run for re-election until after a two-year break.

Your Support

If you support this proposal, you can sign the petition to put this issue on the ballot in the next election. Together, we can make Harford County a better place by ensuring that our elected officials are accountable to the people.

I urge you to consider this proposal carefully and to vote in favor of it if you believe that it would be in the best interests of Harford County.

Thank you for your time.


How to Sign

To sign the petition follow these step:

You must sign using the same information on your voter registration in order for your entry to be valid.

STEP ONE: Go to this link to verify your registration:

STEP TWO: Print and sign the petition. You must print the petition two-sided. Use this link to download the petition. Term Limits Petition

STEP THREE: Mail the signed petition back to us at: P.O. Box 653, Fallston, Maryland 21047 or bring it to one of our signing events.


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