School Resource Officers/SROs (Harford County Sheriff’s  Office Deputies) provide safety, security and mentoring for our children.

Having a uniform presence in schools transform that school from a soft target, to a facility that is actively being defended. This first line of defense is a deterrent, that would immediately engage a would-be attacker.

Beyond security, a SRO is so much more to staff and students.  SROs are mentors to our children.  In a world where community policing is the future, SROs are a huge first step in developing and strengthening relationships with our youth and our communities.  Many SROs have become like family to the school and students, developing positive relationships that are impactful years after school.  These long-lasting relationships have emerged from the SROs being present and available for teaching, guiding, counseling, mentoring our youth.

In a world of active shooters; or where positive influences are deteriorating rapidly, it’s not the time to remove yet another resource and advantage from our children by eliminating SROs.  Instead we should be encouraging them and providing resources to further the safety and positive interaction of our children. 

The Maryland General Assembly has introduced several bills that would adversely affect our children’s safety.  House Bill 496 proposes to remove state funding for the School Police programs, while Senate Bill 245 removes Police Officers and Deputies from schools altogether!  It’s time to let Annapolis know we want our Deputies and Police Officers protecting our Schools!!  Please let your legislators across our county and state know you don’t support this proposed legislation.  You can do so by calling or emailing the below elected officials. 

House Bill 496

Delegates of the Ways and Means Committee:
Anne Kaiser, Chair

Alonzo Washington, Vice Chair

Mary Ann Lisanti

Senate bill 245

Senators of Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee:
Paul Pinsky, Chair

Cheryl Kagan

Jason Gallion