The dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic are understood, and we should all do our part to be safe and assist those vulnerable members of society with the ability to insulate and protect themselves. However, those safety measures DO NOT include locking down our country and communities, which will have crippling consequences that will lead to death, addictions, academic and economic destruction.  President Trump instituted unparalleled measures by mobilizing industry to create medical equipment and allowing scientists to create an unprecedented vaccine in record time. Due to these actions, our nation is further prepared to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

It is for these reasons we cannot lock down our nation. These lockdowns have proven to cause suicide and drug and alcohol abuse to skyrocket. In addition, the economic impact will destroy small businesses and families. Perhaps more importantly, the adverse effect of our children not properly learning in classrooms will have long-lasting consequences on students and progress for future generations.