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This campaign doesn't have the benefits of large corporate sponsors and millionaires underwriting expenses. We count on individuals, like you, to donate what you can to help elect Aaron. Please give what you can and know that your support is greatly appreciated.

Financial Contributions

Thank you for your interest in supporting "Sgt." Penman. We truly appreciate your help! You can donate online (below) or by mail if you prefer. Please mail checks to the following address and make payable to: Committee to Elect Aaron Penman

Mail to:

Committee to elect Aaron Penman
P.O. Box 701
2329 Rock Spring Road
Forest Hill, Maryland 21050

And again, Thank You!

Do you want to donate your time-and-effort?

We are looking for volunteers to help us send "The Sgt." to Annapolis! We will need people just like you to help spread the word throughout the community. Please hit the Contact tab and let us know if you are able to volunteer. Thank you!

You matter and your opinions should be heard. That's what I will do as your Delegate, represent you. You will see me in the community, listening to what matters most to you. More importantly, you'll see me working for you doing what matters most, being your voice in Annapolis.

We have important issues to address for our district and this state. Status-quo is not an option. We need to act.  You deserve somebody that wants to be a delegate for the right reasons--- to make positive changes for our communities that benefits you, your loved ones and and our great state. That's exactly what I will do and why I need your support and vote in the primary and general election.

Online Donation

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P.O. Box 701
2329 Rock Spring Road
Forest Hill, Maryland 21050

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