All text from this mailer is provided in the body of this web page.It is Time for Term Limits for Politicians!

Republican Candidate for Delegate, Aaron Penman will work with Governor Hogan to bring term limits for Annapolis Politicians.

  • Did you know some Annapolis politicians have held the same office since the 1970s?
    • Senate President Mike Miller has been in office since 1971 (47 years)
    • House Speaker Mike Busch has been in office since 1987 (31 years)

“I will work with Governor Hogan to pass legislation imposing term limits on members of the General Assembly.” -Aaron Penman

“Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.”

On January 23, Governor Larry Hogan introduced the Government Accountability Act of 2018 (HB347). The legislation would have returned government back to the people by only allowing politicians to serve only two terms in office. Conservative Republican Aaron Penman will work with Governor Hogan to pass this legislation and place term limits on members of the General Assembly.

Far too many new laws!

By placing term limits on legislators, we will limit the number of unnecessary laws and regulations placed on Marylanders, clean up government corruption, and hold our elected representatives accountable to the people.

Republican Aaron Penman's Term Limit Pledge

I fully supported HB347, Governor Hogan’s Government Accountability Act of 2018. This legislation did not pass. I promise to help Governor Hogan successfully pass the legislation next term. I, Aaron Penman, commit to serve no more than two complete consecutive terms in office as a member of the House of Delegates.

I, Aaron Penman, will support and or sponsor Legislation to place term limits on elected officials.

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Authority: Committee to Elect Aaron Penman, R. Royster, Treasurer

Endorsed by Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler and The Harford County Deputy Sheriff's Union

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