Aaron's team will be knocking on door to meet you and discuss the needs of our community.

We are coming to your neighborhood and we are excited to meet with you!

Aaron's team will be knocking on doors to discuss your concerns for our community during the next year. We will be carefully listening to your thoughts and collecting information that will be used by Aaron to build “A Safer, Stronger, Better Maryland”.

Don’t be surprised if you see one of our team members in your neighborhood. They should be wearing the red, "Elect Aaron Penman" shirt as seen here in the photo. There will also be vehicles in the area with signage so you know it’s a volunteer for our campaign. Please let them know what you think needs to be done to get Annapolis moving in the right directions. And then, help us send Aaron so we can make sure the job gets done. . .right!

Of course, if you want to learn more now, you are always welcome to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will be happy respond to your questions.

We look foward to meeting with you soon!

What Matters Most?

Peace of Mind and Security

I've been in law enforcement for nearly 20 years. During this time, I have witnessed some of the best characteristics people have to offer; unfortunately, I've also seen the heroin epidemic tear apart families, plague our communities with crime and tax our economy.  One thing everybody has in common is the desire of peace of mind and feeling secure in their home and communities.  I want the people of District 7 to feel that peace of mind knowing that once elected, I will be working diligently to secure our communities.  This includes ensuring our neighborhoods and schools are safe, our programs are working, and we are properly addressing our most important issues.

The Economy

Responsible Management Practices

Fiscal responsibility is critical to the security and stability of our state. Managing tax-payer's contributions, making sound fiscal decisions and eliminating waste is how I manage my family's budget, and I'll bring that same care and attention when working on what is best for you and Maryland.

  • Lower Taxes
  • Balanced Budget
  • Reduced Tax Burden and Regulations on Businesses

The Heroin Epidemic

A Multi-Tiered Approach is Needed:

  • Strict enforcement of our laws and tough penalties for drug dealers.
  • Ensure drug companies, healthcare providers and pharmacies provide the necessary guidance and oversight for proper and safe prescription opioid use.
  • Improved treatment options for those suffering from addiction.
  • Better education and outreach programs for our educators, children and parents.

Safety In Our Schools

The World has Changed.

As a father of four, I understand how important it is for our children to feel safe and secure in school. I also understand how important this is for parents as they wave good-bye to their children each morning. This includes ensuring we address the issues of bullying, cyber-bullying, predators, drugs and school violence.

We also need to develop systems that can protect the privacy of people dealing with mental-health issues but also allow treatment providers to communicate in a responsible manner with law enforcement to minimize the risks to our communities.


For Who?

There are existing immigration laws for the vetting, processing, and deportation of illegal immigrants in the United States. These laws need to be properly and strictly enforced. Certainly, we want to help everyone who wants to be a United States citizen, but only when safe and legal to do so.

Open border policies and sanctuary cities create a serious risk to the United States. The influx of illegal immigrants creates a major drain on our economy, resources and services making it difficult for citizens to succeed. Being compassionate for those wanting to come to our country legally does not have to come as a sacrifice to our citizen's safety, security and economic stability.

Change is a Good Thing

District 7 is a Very Important Part of Maryland.

You matter and your opinions should be heard. That's what I will do as your Delegate, represent you. You will see me in the community, listening to what matters most to you. More importantly, you'll see me working for you, being your voice in Annapolis.

We have important issues to address for our district and state. Status-quo is not an option. We need to act.  You deserve somebody that wants to be a Delegate for the right reasons-- to make positive changes for our community that benefits you, your loved ones and our great state. That is exactly what I will do, and why I need your support and vote in the primary and general election.

2nd Amendment

22 Years of Military and Law Enforcement Experience has Taught Me:

I truly believe that smaller government with less regulation is the most efficient way to run Maryland and the United States of America. This includes the constitutional protection of the second amendment ensuring that government will not infringe on the peoples' right to keep and bear arms.

The 2nd Amendment clearly protects an individual’s right to possess a firearm and to use that firearm in lawful purposes. Taking away the right to possess firearm, or making the ownership process unnecessarily burdensome, only penalizes lawful Americans and makes it easier for criminals to prey on the innocent.

I am pro second amendment because I fully understand its value to our nation and our individual right to protect ourselves and our families. That’s why I will fight to uphold its intent and protect law abiding citizen's constitutional right to bear and keep arms.

Endorsed by Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler and The Harford County Deputy Sheriff's Union

Be Counted

Am I eligible to register to vote?
To register to vote, you must be:

  • A U.S. citizen;
  • A Maryland resident; and
  • You may register to vote if you are at least 16 years old but cannot vote unless you will be at least 18 years old by the next general election.

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